which way please?

She looked me in the eye like I was blabing or something.
Unpleasant expressions disfigured her face just as I was done
asking my question. 

24 jules street?! Like I'm a map or what?! Dude walk along! 
That I'm sure was what she said. 

I'd learnt from experience, a hand full of the good looking
ones speak in English, the old speak French.
All around unfortunately, there was no match and I could 
only wait for luck to glow. 
Temperature was below zero, my warmth was fast decreasing.
The wind was so cold it could pierced through my soul, and 
how much longer before I froze began to bother me. 

I'm sure you don't know what happens when you feel 
something you can't express?
Or what happens when you want something you can't ask for?
Or exactly how it feels when all you don't know is the very 
bit you just need?

Well, English was just not good enough to construct a simple 
sentence that meant the very intent of my heart.
I was in Prague. Lost

10 thoughts on “which way please?”

  1. Next time you get me captivated again, i will report you to the police………….Nice 1

  2. ‘Wen al u don’t noe is d bit u nid to noe’…well sed sanmi..I always marvel at ur choice of words..dis is sooo gud

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