been way too long

It’s been way too long since I shared. Believe me, it was not intentional. It was just unavoidable. Life has been happening. And I’ve been growing through the things I go through.

In my absence, I nursed growth. In my silence, I’ve bred hope.

Never, has very little of nothing, been more disheartening like the times when the inside of me had nothing new left in it but struggles. Yet, my hunger for strength was supine in the face of rugged hinderances.

Inside my head, a buzzing noise continued to chime. A number of thoughts, ineffable as they were; ran around like sixty-fourth quavers. And that riff-raff called “eloquence” was not within an inch of my reach.

As more emptiness filled my heart, pleasant chords ran along unpleasant thoughts. My worries lengthened like the Euphrates. Same shyte, different design.


2018 has taught me that happiness is luxury. The measure of progress calibrated by how far or how well is what had been making it unaffordable.

But a measure calibrated by how less…

How less unhappy are you becoming Brala Bee, by that supposed pursuit of happiness has made a great deal of difference.

Yes, I have been happier.

2018 has taught me that happiness is one of the many luxuries we all can afford. But the very first we don’t seem to consider when budgeting.

2018 has taught me that happiness is not a legal tender. It stopped me from trading mine in exchange for values that are insatiable.

In 2018. I’ve learned to love happiness. Not the things which happen in our lives that makes other people happy for us.

I’ve found the wind that blows this soul towards joy and the greatness of relief

Welcome to my thoughts again.

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