Calm Down

Calm down! Caaalmmm DaaawwwnnnN!! was what I emphasised

As I stood behind him screaming like an ardent crusader

All I needed was for him to stop, but then I couldn’t afford to put myself in arms way.

Frank!! She’s dying. Be reasonable and let loose bikonu

But the angry fellow would not desist

O yes I know! She must die today, he affirmed

Poorly she struggled

Managing to mutter before a pause; HELP ME

Obviously exhausted;  Her body spoke a language

One which could only translate to; “helplessly in need of mercy”

Yet; the rage in his eye was a spectacle

His eyes were popping out like testicles

The grip around her neck by now was a perfect tentacle

Draining the little life left in her as though it were via a vivid receptacle

Please!!! help me uncle, she slurred again tearfully…

FRANK!! I exclaimed vengefully

He navigated his gaze towards me. Perhaps to weigh the potency of my violent threat

With a look of disgust upon my peeved ambiance, he softened his grip compassionately

I heaved a sigh of relief synonymous to her desperate gasp for much needed oxygen

But; within that split second I thought as ample enough – as though consumed by a legion of .untamed spasms; who were displeased, and completely provoked,  I attacked his panicky demeanor viciously and with intent. Shattering the threat radically against his bald head, hoping he fell to the earth like a vegetable.

Callus murderer I yelled at him regrettably. But Frank had helped himself with a fragment of my fallow weapon.

I saved her life. But then; he took his own.

back at me!!

I didn’t know how to explain myself to Philip.  He would not just believe; each time I tell him how he’s better off selling cement (in Naij), to starting afresh an immigrant.

So I thought to give him an idea of how the pictures more often available on the web can be misleading via e-mail. But he seemed to have had a better perspective of that idea. Here’s what transpired…



Guy!! Don’t blame this pictures when you arrive.

This is the shit hole you dream of.


Foolish boy! Don’t blame this picture when you return.

This is the paradise that surrounds it.

besides, if this is you…

I beg na who com be this? James Bond??

Lesson learnt.

Don’t ever discourage your friends. Some of them are not nice.

Surely!!! without a shadow of doubt, they will embarrass you.


found this deep inside the world of wordpress. and I decided to bring it up to the surface for friends. because it tickled my interest.

An update to going paperless with the iPad I wrote in a previous post about going paperless.  I wanted to give an update.  On the writing side I tried the Pogo stylus but after some time decided I didn't like it.  It's too thin to hold and thus there is not a pen feel to it and the top feels like a piece of sponge cut off and glued on.  Also I didn't like how it felt to write on the screen, it didn't really glide across the screen as I had imagined and it was more forced across the screen … Read More

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