how can i please you all

How can I please you all?

Sangó.  The god my father once served.

Ifá.  The Oracle that always favoured his Orişá: my mother.

Sòpòná.  The god his servants taught me of, and forced me to forever reverence.

Orunmilá.  The deity who gave knowledge. And deprived no one else of it.

How can I please you all? And not offend Orì: my own soul.

My path has now strayed from yours…

My thoughts are no longer in your courts.

My voice is now locked on another chord.

And I have found a god whose laws are no chores.

I, the son of Oòduá; whose worries are no more; whose troubles have all gone, can no longer please you all.


Eledumaré is the God my father now serves. And with him, I serve the same God.




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