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Make me believe you more

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having doubts doesn’t mean you do not have faith. those times, when your doubts are starting to outweigh your faith… try saying something similar to this prayers…

Make me believe you more

Make me know you are my all.

Make me behave you more
Make me Know you are my law.

Make my soul believe your word
Make my heart know you are Lord
The One and only true God.

Make me condone you more

Make my thirst for you endure.

Rephrase my thoughts

Make my life define your works.

Restrict me
Make my heart contain your love.

Protect me
Dip my flesh in the depths of your blood.

O! Thou balm of Gilead
Ye; who the sick besort,
Heal me of this sin sick world.
And grant me grace to tow my cross,
Until this life in me is no more.


9 thoughts on “Make me believe you more”

  1. Indeed, “Heal me of this sin sick world” sin sick world we all need the healing from it


  2. I commend you for publishing my comment AND replying to it, most unusual for a theist site.
    I still, however, see your “commendation” as an invite to surrender your faculties to a dogma that is based on total fiction. All for your enslavement to any snake-oil salesman. Plenty of those around.
    Like all of us, you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own truths!
    May the light of reason illuminate your path soon.
    Kind regards

  3. O wao! I must confess, I am astounded by your use of words and depth of thoughts. Without having to cause a lengthy debate, I can only say that; the light of reason which illuminated your path might differ from mine. Secondly, sometimes; even the opinions we are entitled to does not really count. But certainly, your comments are appreciated Gerry. Thanks

  4. Yes, a debate on this site would not be good. (Plenty going on everywhere else)
    However, if you use the bible as a lodestone, I refer you to Matthew 10 – 34:37. And yes, I do take it in that context, no apologetics needed from the Ken Hams, Ray Comforts, Pat Robertsons, Kent Hovinds, Billy Grahams, the Pope and all the rest of them. I prefer to use my own brain and reasoning.
    Kind Regards

  5. I think you have a strong conviction that brainwashing can only be from an external means. Dear Gerry, while you still have the ability to exercise cognition, it is good to bear in mind that conclusions arrived at can still be changed. Thus, in using reasoning, be careful not to be brainwashed by your own self.

    I am not a bible scholar. Infact, the only thing I am certain of, is that my journey isn’t towards aethism (if you would, see But, I can say with confidence, that taking Mathew 10:34-37 as it is, is rather too simplistic for a theory as mind blowing as this one.

    N.B. I haven’t said it isn’t tenable. Infact, I completely would love to absorb your thinking (and context) into mine. But then, this is all about choice. And my choice is to pitch my tent on the other side of things. Happy you made yours.

    Having said that, it is obvious to me, that there is plenty of substance within you. Please do not shy away from always sharing.

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