without 2, there’s no perfect pair

You left the food, you left the beer.

I was left where I stood; in the midst of no-where.

Like the fool I’ve made me; alone to shed tears.

I pulled my beards,  I covered my ears

Lost in despair and with a heart needing some glue…

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one minute, they…

one minute, they are here with us. the ones we call our dear friends. by them our smiles are brought to life. by us their lives are brightened in style.one minute beeslens.com

the next minute, they aren’t with us any more. so the joys that once bound our souls, have subtly become the chord that binds us to their thoughts.one minute beelens.com


friendship, and agony are no strangers to the heart. one fills it with plenty of spark; the other leaves it without a spine. one adds value, to the love we share. the other adds volume, to the chaos we bear. 

2014-03-27 19.58.01

when friends leave us for now; or forever, memories fill the void their absence left. 

what separates me from God. Disbelief?

For all these years that church made me believe I wasn’t a Christian. I just go there having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof. I’m hardly ever without sin though. I don’t even have proof God actually does exist. I just believe. Yet something keeps pulling me towards being committed to the ministry of Christ. Doing more than just saying amen!

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