The Meat and The Eater. The Beef and The Beefer.

Alhaji. He wore a look of surrender, as my presence occurred within his conscience. There was no debating the fact. He knew; I had returned to avenge myself of his doings.

So, politely; he asked, where it was I would be dragging him into.

Vindicated. I paid him a honest reply.

Oga! Nor war-rie . We nor dey go far place. It’s just around the corner.

I am taking you to the same place you left me.

Or; did you not wish, that I implode; by the thoughts  of you I hold.

Oh! So there was truly  more your words should have done, than provoke?

Esu ni è. O de ti kpofo.  Me; kii myself. For you?  Twai! You miss road.

Wait! Did you ever wish, that I may be consoled? No!
Or; is it possible, you truely meant to leave, while I had no hope, and many sorrows? Yes!

Well. To you, I have lost my soul. By you, I am enslaved to woes. Yet it is you and your curse that once made me whole.

Once; I’ll rather not have friends, than make of you a foe.

Alhaji!!! I say nor war-rie!!! We nor dey go far place.

I’m only taking you somewhere just around the next corner.

The HELL your yells conjured !!!

That time, wen you see meat? You rush grub.
Na you beef, you wan run.


meat and the eater

One thought on “The Meat and The Eater. The Beef and The Beefer.

  • September 3, 2014 at 11:09 pm

    I beg oga, dont take him to hell. The people that took the Hebrew children to the fire were burnt. Forgive as in the Lords prayer.

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