the meat and the eatery

The meat and the eatery. The myth and the mystery.

The morning came, after a night spent wrapped around each other’s warm arms. Unaware of ongoing proceedings as day broke, he stayed yet asleep; in the same bed which played host to the many before him.

Her tiptoeing did little to make sure he stayed in, still sleeping like a child, rocked to sleep by the caring hands of a loving mother, the night before.

The morning came, after a night well spent in each other’s arms. The dawning of day beconed, as a now sober but  gentle sleeper arose.  He sets gaze upon one, who already was set to depart. The walls of  the room, in which they both were once consumed by passion, and in locking lips greeted his morning.

Good day you: a serene quirky voice referred to him. I hope your eyes have not seen the myths beyond the mysteries of my ageing self?

Little or none of that my princess.  Little or none I promise you.

Well then; good you’re up already. Shall I be helped with this little zip, stuck right where my hands can not reach?

At your service your gorgeousness but first; where do I begin to appreciate your kindness? There’s not much I can give that you already do not own…

Sparkles lit up her brazen face. Her smile poured forth like a fountain of slippery jewels, as she replied softly: gifts are not every thing my  dear.  I am happy I already have every thing you can not give.

But, she bothered not to mutter the whole truth into his hearing, as her gold laden hands, freed his hold from upon her coat.

O yes I should be happy she thought to herself yet again. I already have everything you can not give; yourself  included.

Only in a few days though; she continued quietly. Only in a few days, will it dawn upon your conscience, that you have been the  meat, and here has been the eatery.

*Oi ti mor meh meh…
(Meaning, save your sweet words,you are not the Hunter. You are the hunted.)

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  1. Very nice Femo. I particularly like d translation versio of d yoruba word. Very instructive. Do keep it up.

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