perfect pair

without 2, there’s no perfect pair

You left the food, you left the beer.

I was left where I stood; in the midst of no-where.

Like the fool I’ve made me; alone to shed tears.

I pulled my beards,  I covered my ears

Lost in despair and with a heart needing some glue…

I wiped my face. And I looked around, but there was no you.

How fair? How fair? How on earth, did things get here?

You soiled my shoes, my hair as well.

I lost my cool; it has done us no good.

My hand is on my chest; my heart is falling out soon

My mind is like a pool; filled with worthless tools.

Where ever you are, please come back here.

I’ll warm the bed, and we’ll press reset.

I’ll treat you good, all through the year.

I’ll keep the rules, you just be my rule.


“Without you here, there’s no perfect pair”


I need you here, please just appear.

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